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Boardwalk Vegan is turning the conventional culinary world on its head by offering a FULL VEGAN MENU of all your delicious favorites. Pizza,Burgers,Hot Wings & even Ice Cream – You'll Find It At The Boardwalk!

Sundays at the Boardwalk

Sundays were the best day of the week growing up in an Italian American neighborhood in Philly. Our summers were spent at the shore. Our families would rent houses right on the beach and no matter which side of the family we were with, the aroma of both Nannie and Grandmom’s Sunday Gravy made its way across the beach and to waters edge letting us know it was time to eat!  Since changing to a Vegan lifestyle 3 years ago, we keep this day sacred for family and food and enjoy creating our Vegan versions of our favorite Italian food. Now the community can be part of the family.